Our Principal

William E. Lusain, Sr.

Principal of Ephesus Academy
829 McMillan Avenue
Birmingham, AL, 35211
Ph.D., Curriculum and Supervision, University of Pittsburgh, 1973
M.A.T. University of Pittsburgh, 1971
B.A. History/Political Science, Knoxville College, 1968
Dr. Lusain has had a passion for education since he began teaching in the Pittsburgh Public School System.  Working with African American students in the 60’s inspired him to pursue his Ph. D. so that he could become a leader in education, making a difference in the lives of our children. 

Dr. Lusain has had a distinguished career in academia as a teacher, principal, senior college administrator and as a consultant to a variety of institutions and universities.  After serving as Director of Student Administration Services (Knoxville College), Director of Planning & Title III Programs (Talladega College and University of Arkansas), Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Student Affairs (Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine), Dr. Lusain came home and served as Principal of Ephesus Academy in 1985 for four years, enhancing the curriculum to the 10thgrade with the largest (234) student body of its 100 year history.  Ephesus Academy expanded its physical structure at this time to accommodate K- 10th grade school and Child Development Center.  After leaving Ephesus Academy in its prosperous time, Dr. Lusain worked as Principal of Hancock Central High School (Georgia), Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs Fisk University (Tennessee), and  Provost of The Piney Woods School in Mississippi.  

In 2014, Dr. Lusain agreed to come out of retirement again to serve as principal of Ephesus Academy, bringing vast experiences in teaching, leadership and academia from all levels of the educational spectrum to push Ephesus Academy further ahead in this new millennium, attaining re-accreditation and invoking plans to extend Ephesus Academy to a full 12th grade Academy.

Dr. Lusain is supported by his wife , Ethelyn; son, Eric; two daughter-in-laws, Kesha and Marie; and four granddaughters, Karmen, Karli, Erissa and Emille.