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Ephesus Academy Fee Schedule
2018 - 2019


Registration Fees                                                         
K - 2nd Grade                                                              $125.00
3rd - 8th Grade                                                           $150.00

9th - 12th Grade                                                      $175.00

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Tuition (per month):

K- 5th Grade                                                                   $500.00

6th 8th Grade                                                               $650.00

9th - 12th Grade                                                            $800.00

Books                                                                        See Book List

Breakfast:                                                                   $2.00 per day
Hot Lunches
:                                                              $3.00 per day for lunch
Children need healthy meals to learn. Ephesus Academy will now offer healthy meals every school day through the state-sponsored Child Nutrition Program. Breakfast costs $2.00; lunch costs $3.00. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Reduced price is $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch. To apply for the free or reduced price meal benefits, you may call 205-786-2194 or e-mail to


After Care (optional): 
One Child                                                                        $20.00 per week
Two Children                                                                  $30.00 per week

Three or more children                                                $40.00 per week
(Late fee is $5.00 plus $1.00 per minute payable at time of pick up or drop off)

Transportation (if available):
One Child                                                                                            $50.00 monthly
Two Children                                                                                      $60.00 monthly
Three or more children                                                                    $70.00 monthly

Kindergarten Graduation                                                                $120.00

6th Grade Outdoor Camp (to Dadeville, AL for 3 days)            $125.00 per 6th grader
                                                                                                              $75.00 per chaperone

8th Grade Mission Trip for 1 week                                               $1300.00 
8th Grade Graduation                                                                      $140.00

Field Trip (Optional)
1 major trip (All grades)                                                                   $60.00 per student (approximate)

Jean Day (optional)                                                           $1.00 each Friday                         

If the student chooses to participate, they must wear Jean Day attire & pay $1.00.